How to Use a Slimming Belt

Slimming belt is a good and effective way of slimming and trimming your body. It is very handy slimming tool which you can carry around without feeling being burdened by it.

How to use


Using the slimming belt is also easy. There are many ways which you can use the belt. One very common way is to wrap it around your waist. Attach the point plug into your power supply point. Press the on button to turn the belt on. There are about three vibration mode buttons which you can select. Select one of the three vibration mode buttons to start. There is also an infra light button. If you like to use the infra light, just press the infra light button. There is also a preset timer button available. Just select the vibration duration that you want. When the preset time lapsed, the vibration will stop automatically.

How to Use a Slimming Belt

For first time user, you may feel some itchiness around your waist after about 5 minutes of vibration. You do not need to worry about this itchiness as it is normal reaction and will go off naturally after you have stopped.

You can use the slimming belt in standing or sitting positions. You can do other jobs with the vibrating belt on, as long as it does not interrupts you. You can have the vibrating belt on, while watching your favorite television programs, doing knitting jobs, reading newspapers and doing many other things.

You also wear the slimming belt at other areas of your body. You can wrap it around your button. You can also wrap it diagonal behind your back between your waist and shoulder. You can also wrap it around both thighs.

Slimming belt is believes to slim your body down by removing excess water from parts of our body.

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How to Use a Slimming Belt

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